Manisha Jolie AminSo where do I start and what do you really want to know about?

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to Australia when I was five. It was a strange thing, coming to a country where my family shrunk to four (my mother, father and sister), after years of cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents.

Like most kids, I went to school, and then continued on to university to study marketing. Through the years, I always thought of myself as a reader, rather than a writer. I can’t remember not being able to read and books were (and still are) my haven!

This wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I started to write fiction, and realised pretty quickly that I needed a course to help me to learn the basics – things like point of view and dialogue. The more I wrote, the more I fell in love with the act of writing. Some people get an endorphin rush from chocolate or exercise… for me it comes from putting words on a page to recreate the picture running through my mind.

I still have a day job, that I love – raising funds for children in desperate need of a safe home – and a family that keep me grounded. I’d love to say all I do is write all day, but that’s really not the case, I write around the edges of life – in ad breaks; at the end of the day when my son is asleep and my husband unwinds in front of the television; on bits of paper as I sit on the bus; or while I wait in a queue at the ATM.

It’s the only way I can make sure the idea at the back of my mind makes it to paper.

Photo credit: Mayleihunt.com