Dancing to the Flute – Published in America

Dancing to the flute

Published by Atria Books 2013 ISBN: 9781451672046

Dancing to the Flute is now available in  paperback and as an ebook in the US and Canada. See below for the link to the audio book through audible.com



You can purchase the book from bookshops through Australia and New Zealand;


“Delicate, sometimes meditative and rich with allusions to India’s spirit as expressed through music, the novel offers readers color and culture, poverty and riches, through every sensory perception. A lyrical meditation on love, friendship and finding bliss in destiny,”

- Kirkus Reviews

“a novel whose joys are to be found in a slow, sensory build-up,”

- Booklist

“Amin weaves a lovely and subtle tale of music’s power and magic, using elements of traditional raag forms as the basis for the novel’s structure….Amin provides an oft-unseen glimpse of the realities of life in contemporary rural India.”

- Publishers Weekly