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Dancing to the Flute

Published by Allen and Unwin April 2012 ISBN: 9781742378572

Abandoned as a young child, Kalu, a cheeky street kid, has against all odds carved out a life for himself in rural India. In the quiet village of Hastinapore, Kalu makes friends: Bal, the solitary buffalo boy, and Malti, a gentle servant girl, who, with her mistress, Ganga Ba, has watched out for Kalu from the first day.

Perched high in the branches of a banyan tree, Kalu chooses a leaf, rolls it tightly and, doing what he’s done for as long as he can remember, blows through it. His pure simple notes dance through the air attracting a travelling healer whose interest will change Kalu’s life forever, setting him on a path he would never have dreamed possible, testing his self-belief and his friendships.

With all the energy and colour of India and its people, Dancing to the Flute is a magical, heart-warming story of this community’s joys and sorrows, the nature of friendship and the astonishing transformative powers of music.

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The author has a wonderful way with language that finds a nice balance between literary descriptions and moving forward in the story…. Dancing to the Flute is a beautiful, uplifting story about young lives, music and those that dare to dream.

- The Australian Bookshelf

.. her refreshingly calm and unaffected debut novel Dancing to the Flute is a delightfully engaging story about the almost magical healing power of music.  Highly recommended.

- Canberra Times

What sets this first novel apart from others are its well-drawn characters… It is also beautifully written, deceptively simple in its language, but layered with emotion and empathy. Tom Krause

- Gonzo meets the Press

This is a stunningly written book, set in contemporary India

- The Hungry Bookshelf

Manisha Jolie Amin’s debut novel Dancing to the Flute is a book which infiltrates like a heartfelt song. Lip lit

- Raelke Grimmer

This book weaves its magic on you… The cast of characters is wonderful and the descriptions are wonderful… Like so many Australians born elsewhere and raised here, Manisha Jolie Amin brings a wonderful fresh voice to Australian storytelling. The Hoopla Literary Society

- Meredith Jaffe