India’s of the Mind

While weaving oral history into my creative narrative, I became interested in how this story (of Tansen) that I was told as a child in Australia, was being told in India. In Australia, the story existed in our family as a piece of oral tradition that contextualised my inner “Indian” landscape. In India, this age-old story has been built into the physical landscape and seeped into popular culture such as the music industry and tourism.

My own creative work has become the case study and canvas for my quest through text – a journey between longing and belonging, story and sound, fire and water, and the vapours that form when worlds meet. This essay focuses on a number of the issues discussed in Travellers Tales, but uses a different style and lens as I interleave theory, my own reflections in trying to source the Tansen story for my novel, and the way that I specifically use this story in Dancing to the Flute.

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