Six weeks as a published author

So I’m just getting the hang of this blog… slowly! I still write long hand – so while John goes to collect Sohum, I thought I’d post some of my thoughts and the bits and pieces that I keep thinking you may (or may not) be interested in!ou

Reminiscing about 6 weeks as an author. It still feels amazing to call myself that – an author! It’s quite surreal, seeing your book in shops or on the Internet.

But it’s also a real privilege. The funny thing is that you think things will change – but they don’t. You still go to work, read lot’s and worry about the next thing you’ll write. The only difference, is that when you walk into a book shop – it’s like tearing the wrapping paper off a present! You know that something special waits inside…


2 comments on “Six weeks as a published author

  1. news on said:

    I love your wp template, where did you get a hold of it?

    • manishajamin on said:

      Hi Diya, Thanks for the comment. I love the site too! .
      A friend of mine Debra from a company designed the site for me. The banayan leaf is from Amazon images and was used on the cover of the book… and I wanted something clean, so drew a picture and Debra then built the site around it. You can contact her directly at the site above if you like.

      All the best,

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