Writers not readers groups

I love writing and reading… so I have different groups for both. My writers group is all about us as authors… we read and critique each others work – and when no-ones writing we still get together and talk about writing… Some people would argue that that makes us a reading an eating group – and sometime that’s not far from the truth -but ultimately we are together because we all love to write.

I’m also a member of a book club – funny enough this group is full of authors… but we meet to read – for the fun of it. It’s far more focused, we have books organised for the rest of this year, and we still support each other, but it’s such a different forum. I love both – and recommend both to those of you thinking about writing.

Because you can’t write if you don’t read   – and reading published novels gives you an idea of what you like and what you can do, and having a group of people that you commit to writing with, makes the process that much more fun!

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